Payroll Services

AIM prepares your payroll accurately and provides timely reports that allow you to manage your payroll. Our reports give you the opportunity to choose only the information you need in an easy-to-read format. You can design the reports to help you monitor your payroll cost and benefits for one of your most important resources – your employees.

AIM computes all tax liabilities and prepares quarterly and annual tax forms for filing. As an additional service, we will make all tax deposits and file tax returns.

AIM is able to provide confidential personnel management information by our experienced accountants. Reports can be designed specifically to manage your reporting requirements for retirement and other benefit plans as well as evaluations, union reports and other special needs.

AIM employees understand payroll and payroll taxes. Plus, we have accountants on staff so that in addition to providing basic payroll services, we can offer you a broad range of additional consulting services such as proper withholding calculations, taxability of certain benefits, interstate tax issues and proper reporting of wages and benefits.