Meet ming

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Ming Woo


Ming sees IAG as special because they strive to understand each client’s definition of success and provide a level of individual attention to clients that larger firms may not be able to do. She loves feeling helpful and making clients feel like they are getting their “bucks” worth! When she’s not at work, Ming enjoys cooking and baking, sitting around the fire with her family, and watching reruns of The Office and Friends. 

SPECIALITY | Individual tax return preparation, year-end tax projection, tax prep, and assurance work for agricultural clients.


EDUCATION | Goshen College

WORKING AT INSIGHT |  Ming says the best part of working at Insight is the flexibility to adjust work schedules to accommodate her personal life. Ming enjoys being a part of a friendly and personable team. She also appreciates the encouragement she gets from upper management and their support for the professional development and advancement of staff members.

CORE VALUES | Ming’s favorite IAG Core Value is RELATIONSHIPS. The knowledge and respect that accumulates over time in a healthy, long-term relationship are invaluable. She sees how it benefits both the clients and the IAG team because the clients trust them to do their best, and in return, they are happy and willing to help clients achieve their goals. A strong relationship between team members creates grounds for open communication and mutual respect, which she believes impacts the quality and efficiency of their work — which in turn benefits the firm and the clients.