Frequently Asked Questions

Will the new merged firm have access to my old records?

Both firms use the same software provider for tax, accounting, and file storage. We will be able to seamlessly merge all your existing client data into Insight’s programs after the merger..

Will I be assigned to a new accountant?

The goal of this merger was to combine two great teams. We have no plans to eliminate any positions or make any changes to our team roster. As we work together in the future, we may find opportunities to introduce new team members to your account team who can offer additional skills or experience.

Are you closing any of the offices?

One thing that attracted us to this merger was the ability to increase our footprint in the community. We have no plans to close any of our three offices. The Elkhart, Goshen and Mishawaka offices will all remain open after the merger.

Is my accountant moving to a new office?

While we have no plans to require any team members to relocate, we anticipate some team members may wish to work in one of the new offices if it is closer to their home.  Our software and processes allow us to work seamlessly across locations so the quality of services we provide you will not change – regardless of where your account team is located.

One of your new locations is closer to my home or business, can I drop things off at this new office?

Feel free to drop information off at any of our locations and we can make sure your accountant, whichever office they are in, will receive the information in a timely manner.

Can I make an appointment to meet my accountant team at one of your new offices?

We are excited to offer more locations for the convenience of our clients.  We are happy to meet you in whichever location is most convenient for you. Please check in with your account team to determine how best to schedule an appointment.

Will you eliminate any of the services you provide?

We have no plans to change our service offerings. In fact, by combining the firms we saw the opportunity to increase our current service offerings while providing more depth in existing services. Please see the Our Services section of this page or on Insight’s website at for more information regarding the services the combined firm can provide.